Who We Are

Zia Homes – El Paso, Texas Builder of the Century

Zia Home’s mission is to provide El Pasoans high quality homes that provide comfortable and safe living for your family at affordable pricing. We strive to be on the cutting edge of home building and energy codes to bring you the best homes in El Paso, Texas.

Zia Homes – Quality Assurance

Zia Homes prides itself in building a quality home. We have taken great lengths to ensure that every house built has passed a three-phased quality assurance process. The inspections are conducted by a licensed real estate inspector who is responsible for providing us with a written report of each inspection. The field superintendents use this report to correct any defects prior to delivering the house to the buyers.

Below are the three inspections that are conducted on each of our houses:

Pre-Slab Inspection
Ensures that the house is squared and is placed correctly on the property.
Pre-Roof Inspection
Ensures that the framing and the prep work on the roof is correctly done before the roof is installed.
Pre-Walk Through Inspection
Ensures that the house has been detailed and ready for the buyer’s New Home Orientation.

Our Team

Viviana Ronquillo


Rene Botello
Marketing Director


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Social Media Manager


Our goal and focus is on providing the most value possible for all of our clients. If you ever have a question about what we can do as a new home builder for you feel free to give me a call at 915.356.0618. I'd love to answer any questions you may have!
-Rene Botello
Marketing Director