Achieving Your Goal of Becoming a Homeowner in 2019

buying a home

You’ve sacrificed nights out. You’ve started saving for a down payment. And now you’re daydreaming about the day you’ll move in. This is the year you’re going to buy a home!

Each year we set out to accomplish different goals but the achievement of owning a home is more like a milestone. It takes hard work and as you may already be realizing, plenty of sacrifices. But it’s all worth it in the end. We don’t simply say this because we’re a home builder, we say this because we know that a house comes with freedom and new opportunities that other assets simply don’t offer.

So if you’re needing a nudge in the right direction, we’re here to help!

Getting Started: Do An Overview of What You Can Afford

Your monthly mortgage should be at the top of your priority list. Having an initial realistic view of what you and your family will be able to comfortably afford makes a significant difference. If you haven’t already, you should make plans to pay off as much outstanding debt as possible and do not take on new debt. Your interest rate and chances of being approved for a home loan will all be impacted by your finances. Ultimately, your home should feel like an accomplishment and not a burden!  

Work a Realtor Who You Connect With and Is Available When You Need Them

Realtors are trained to provide you with insight and guidance into the realm of real estate. You want to make sure that who you work with is someone you can communicate with comfortably and someone who is there as much as you need them. Radio silence for more than a couple of days is not a good sign. Also, make sure that the realtor understands what you’re looking for and that he or she is actively listening to your desires in a home and responds with options. Remember, you’ll be working with this person for a while so having an agreeable relationship is important.

Create a Wishlist: What Do You Want and Need in a Home?

By creating a list of needs and wants, you’ll begin to have more of a clear idea of what you desire in a home. List everything from the number of bedrooms you need, desires in a backyard, preferred side of town, and what color schemes catch your eyes. Once you begin taking a look at floor plans and attending open houses, your checklist will be in the back of your mind. Of course, you can always alter your list as you change your mind but going in with some ideas is certainly helpful!

Make Your Home Goals a Reality — Contact Zia Homes

The road ahead may appear blurry at times but stay focused and your desires will become a reality, we guarantee it. At Zia Homes, we make the home buying experience fun and exciting. Given that the process is so daunting at times, it’s necessary to take a step back and bask in what you’re about to accomplish.

We invite you to visit our model homes and connect with us with any questions you may have about our floor plans or move-in ready home.