Where’s the Best Place to Live in El Paso?

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For most native El Pasoans, which side of town they grew up on is a topic that’s brought up during initial conversations. Though it may seem like a small detail, it’s a part of their identity and it gives insight into what type of upbringing or pastimes they may have enjoyed.

Then there’s the high school rivalry. West side residents went to high schools such as Franklin or Coronado while those in central El Paso went to Austin, Burges, or Jefferson, and for east side residents, you represented Eastwood, Hanks, and Montwood, among many others.

For longtime residents, there is a generalization about people from different parts of our city. However, what makes El Paso a great place to live is that we often put those generalizations aside when it comes to sharing our community with one another. Since the opening of new attractions like Southwest University Park, the renovation of the El Paso Zoo as well as that of the San Jacinto Plaza, residents have been able to renew their pride for the Sun City.

Whether you’ve been here all your life or for only a couple of years, it’s exciting to be apart of the city’s growth. The best part of El Paso’s growth is that when it comes time to choose where you want to live, you’ll be at an advantage no matter which cardinal direction is calling your name.

Exploring the east side

On November 8th, it was announced that a new Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is set to open in far east El Paso in 2020. The first Drafthouse opened in 2016, located in Montecillo on the west side. In addition to getting a new cinema, the east side is seeing more commercial construction and recreational space. If you choose to make this part of town your home, you can take advantage of being in close proximity of these amenities as well as affordable housing.     

What the west side has to offer

The west side of El Paso is also seeing its fair share of development. Early this year, Topgolf opened its doors in Montecillo to residents all across town. Another reason residents venture to the west side is for places like Bob-O’s Family Fun Center, the Franklin Mountains, and the Alamo Drafthouse, though it is soon to get a sibling. West side residents generally pay more for homes given the real estate value of homes in the area; however, the higher prices typically come with incentives like bigger backyards and proximity to Las Cruces, New Mexico. Many employees of New Mexico State University choose to live on the west side for this very reason.     

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